Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We thank Thee for the birds that sing...

I sat down this afternoon to watch an episode of "The Wind at My Back" with a cup of fragrant Earl Grey Tea and I realised, over the conversations on the tv, I was hearing the soft little inquiring trills of my beloved canary, Piper. The soft little calls he knows will bring me to his perch to cajole him into song.  Beyond our ongoing conversations of 'tweeeet, tweeet', he has been most noticably quiet since early fall.

He broke his three month molt by gracing me with several minutes of an almost hesitant song of rolling notes. Even though the verses of his song today were soft and short, they were undeniably sweet as honey, and they brought me joy and renewed anticipation that he will regain the majestic arias that won my heart!

And tonight, when I say grace, it will be with renewed enthusiasm as I say..

We thank Thee, for the world so sweet,
We thank Thee for the food we eat,
We thank Thee for the birds that sing,
We thank thee, God, for everything!

Piper enjoying his reward of fresh broccoli
while keeping a suspicious eye my camera!

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