Monday, October 7, 2013

Art From Cloth exhibit at the Wailoa Arts & Cultural Center

Jannie and I were lucky to get to visit the Wailoa Arts & Cultural Center and see the Art From Cloth exhibit showcasing the beyond-amazing quilts by the members of the Extreme Quilters of Southern California.

The accompanying brochure states, We are artists. We work in textiles. Our work has been showcased in exhibits across the country and around the world.

Fortunately, they allowed pictures to be taken of these wonderful works of art. Theses are but a few of the quilts on exhibit.

Dancing Girls

This photo was the inspiration for the quilt by Rodin Ludlum.  It was listed as a collaborative piece with Betty Amador, Sue Rassmussen, Trudy Smith, Eileen Alber & Sandy Harper. 50"x32"

By Joan De Young. 37"x36"

Annecy, France
Sue Rassmussen, collaborative. 31"x47"

Gloriana Garza. Collaborative, made by Glorianna Garza, Lynn Jurss, Christina Roca, Gayle Simpson and Florence Stroup. 36-1/2"x27-1/2"

This one was my most favorite of all!
Road To Poi Pu Point

The colors are were washed out but one can still appreciate the textures of the prints.

Sue Rasmussen. She writes: This is the Avenue of Trees On the road to Poipu Point on Kauai. I have driven down this road so many times, constantly amazed at the beauty and regal stature of these old trees. This quilt is completely machine pieced and machine quilted, using dozens of different fabric for the road alone. Part of the tree canopy is straight pieced, but the majority of the quilt is curved piecing, using the technique that I have been teaching for the past 10 years. 54"x72"

My daughters and i photographed this road several years ago during a family trip to Kaiui. It is a truly beautiful sight!

Na Pali Coastline
Sue Rassmussen. Shw writes: This is the most photographed angle of the Napali coastline on Kauai, and the ruggedness of the cliffs called out to me everytime I saw them to depict them in fabric. Whether hiking or kayaking to them, these magnificent cliffs with their gorges are breathtaking. I especially love the deep rustic color of the cliffs with the beautiful waterfalls streaming down in the valleys. This quilt is completely machine pieced and machine quilted. 37"x30"

The Carousel

Sandra Whitehouse. 46"x32"

Ocotillos in Their Splendor
Christina Rocha. She writes: My family lives on Ocatillo Avenue. The first time we saw an ocotillo was camping in Joshua Tree National Park the first year we moved to California. This is my representation of the thorny, hardy desert plant. This piece incorporates silks, rusted fabric, hand dyed fabric, sequined material and commercial cottons. 22"x58"

Dog Day Dream
Diana Shore 32"x46"

Pond Pattern Tapestry
Diana Shore. 20"x32"

Cock In The Cathedral 
Diana Shore. 24"x33"

These next two quilts reminded me of the work by my friend Maria.
Gloriana Garza. In loving memory of our sweet boy... Private Collection of Renea and Lisa Veneri-Stewart. 10"x12"

Glorianna Garza.  in loving memory of Koa; until we meet again... Hand dyed shibori fabric, fused appliqué, machine pieced and quilted. Private collection of renea and Lisa Veneri-Stewart. 

I took a picture of this quilt because Orca whales are a joy of my mom-in-law, and the tropical undersea is a joy of mine!
Sandra Whitehouse. 35"x40"


Lynn Jurss. She writes: This is first ins series of repetitive simple shapes and monochromatic color scheme. I was surprised by thenrangenof greens in my stash. Machine appliqué and quilted. 

Fractured Malama-Ki

Glorianna Garza. She writes: Inspired by a photograph I took in 2003 on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Fused applique and machine quilting. 38"x30"

This next picture didn't turn out well. I was hung between windows and my poor iPhone camera just couldn't cope.

The Snag

Sandra Whitehouse. She writes: My son lovingly took me for a ride in his motorboat on Lake Sabrina above Bishop, California. At the far end of the lake, he insisted that I clamber out of the boat and then proceeded to "drag" me up a "cliff" demanding thati must see the gorgeous view. The result was this piece and he was absolutely correct. 25"x31"

The setting for the quilt show, the Wailoa Arts & Cultural Center, was a beautiful open-air building. At the center of the rotunda was this beautiful waterfall with lots of tropical foliage.

My final word on this exhibit: inspiring!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I could get used to this

Daddy and I flew first class to visit Jannie & Shep on the Big Island of Hawaii yesterday. Wide comfy seats with enough legroom to recline with a pop up leg rest and foot rest! 

Being a morning flight, we had a three course breakfast! With a linen cloth across our trays we first had our fruit course to begin.

Warm muffin with butter and chilled fruit plate to go with mug of green tea.
Then our main course was served.

Red potatoes with Portuguese sausage and a fluffy veggie omelet with cheese.

And finally,

A delicious tropical fruit cheesecake. A very nice meal!