Sunday, February 20, 2011

Remember The Sweet Things

I wish I could take credit for the title of this post, but credit goes to the author of the book by that title, Ellen Greene.

I read a book last week that has stayed on my mind. I found it's message very powerful, her story really touched my heart. She has inspired me to do as she suggests and I will Remember The Sweet Things.

In my head I have been meditating on?conjuring up?dwelling upon?working on a post about how this story has affected me. I was so moved to even seek out the author to find a way to let her know what I was feeling in reaction to her book.

Imagine my surprise at having a published author respond to my post. Now compound that feeling. This morning I got another email from Ellen Greene. It read:

I took the liberty of posting your oh so nice feedback on my blog (, as my web master suggests I do with especially well written letters. I protected your privacy by changing your and Brent's names. I hope you don't mind.
My best,
If you follow either of the links above, you will find the words I used to try to share my thoughts. Please go there now and read them. I have not been able to draft anything better than the words I gave her. You can also click here to go directly to the post of my comment. When your eyes see the name Brad, read Brent; when you see the name Karla, read Karen.
I hope you will read her book Remember The Sweet Things. I hope you will enjoy their life's journey through twenty years of marriage. I hope you, too, will be inspired by her words.
I want to remember the urgency I felt after losing my Mama, to express my love to my family, my children, and especially to my best friend, my lover, my husband, Brent.
I want to remember to be present, to be aware of those wonderful little moments that should be imprinted upon my heart and memory.
I want to remember to enjoy the journey, the ups and the down, hard times and good, and as I vowed for better for worse.
I suppose being able to see the 50 year mark coming so quickly upon me that I have realized this time we have together is not infinite. I want to share my heart, I want him to know me.
By an amazing coincidence of timing, I finished this book in the wee hours of Valentine's Day morning. This post, tho' late, is my valentine to you, Brent. iloveyou. Always.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Bright Crisp Day

The sun is shining gloriously today! I decided to get out into the fresh air and took Gizmo for a walk up the way to get Mom and Dad's mail. I'm sure she thought I was being terribly mean when we didn't run up the driveway to see them. I don't think she realized they weren't there. I hope they are having a wonderful time in Italy!

From the mailbox we walked to the park and along the beach watching the whitecaps crash onto the beach.

I stood at the water's edge listening to the symphony of the pebbles and rocks as they tumbled and rolled with each wave as the incoming tide brought the waves closer and closer to my feet. The chilly wind, whitecapped waves and the brisk walk-very energizing!

Here's my little ten pound puller! She is, alternately,  ten pounds of pulling or piddling. Run ahead the length of the lead, piddle as I stride past, then runs to catch up and past me. Repeat for one hour!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Could she make it any easier on the guy?

My daughter's best friend will be celebrating her first year of marriage this coming Monday. That's right, they got married on Valentine's Day. Oh, and's also her birthday! Could she make it an easier on this guy?

He has one date to remember every year: February 14th. In one fell swoop he takes care of his wife's birthday, their anniversary day and the annual Sweetheart's celebration known as Valentine's Day!  I guess the bad news is 3 gifts/1 day, but then again, he has a whole year to save up!

For their 1st anniversary gift I sent the following gift:

The mongrammed jeans pocket and the attached waitband encases the traditional First Anniversary Gift of Paper, three gifts actually.

One of the items in the pocket is a greeting card, inside it says:

As the first anniversary is the traditional year for Paper, I send you 3 gifts of paper.

       1. This card, full of best wishes for a Happy Anniversary and for 100 more! 
       2. Paper Money! One bill for each year of marriage!
       3. The ever more practical and just as useful, bathroom tissue!

 May your lives together be filled with love and laughter!

~~~~~~Happy 1st Anniversary, Jacklyn & Richard~~~~~~~~