Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Could she make it any easier on the guy?

My daughter's best friend will be celebrating her first year of marriage this coming Monday. That's right, they got married on Valentine's Day. Oh, and's also her birthday! Could she make it an easier on this guy?

He has one date to remember every year: February 14th. In one fell swoop he takes care of his wife's birthday, their anniversary day and the annual Sweetheart's celebration known as Valentine's Day!  I guess the bad news is 3 gifts/1 day, but then again, he has a whole year to save up!

For their 1st anniversary gift I sent the following gift:

The mongrammed jeans pocket and the attached waitband encases the traditional First Anniversary Gift of Paper, three gifts actually.

One of the items in the pocket is a greeting card, inside it says:

As the first anniversary is the traditional year for Paper, I send you 3 gifts of paper.

       1. This card, full of best wishes for a Happy Anniversary and for 100 more! 
       2. Paper Money! One bill for each year of marriage!
       3. The ever more practical and just as useful, bathroom tissue!

 May your lives together be filled with love and laughter!

~~~~~~Happy 1st Anniversary, Jacklyn & Richard~~~~~~~~


  1. Hi Karen!

    Thanks for your blog visit and nice comments.=)

    First, you asked about the cross stitched blossoms. They're just one part of the Derwentwater kit 'Chaffinches and Blossoms' which you can see here:
    Actually, the pic on my blog header is 'unfinished' as it was taken during WIP and so doesn't have the nice long stitches and beading. However, I'll re-take a photo from the completed piece soon.=)

    Yes, I *used* to have CFS which is closely related to Fibro. I was successfully - and *completely* treated with Mickel Therapy back in 2005/6 though, which is now also available in the States. It isn't a pain and fatigue management programme, it finds the root cause of your illness and helps you to totally eliminate it.=) Websearch if you're interested.=)

    Take care now! E=)

  2. Actually, I got the idea from Mama. I remember her telling me about their first anniversary and how her aunties had all sent them a roll! hahaha