Friday, January 7, 2011

I Love You, Sis! Friday, January 7th:

"Between sisters, often,
the child's cry never dies down.
'Never leave me' it says;
'do not abandon me.'"
~Louise Bernikow

I think today's quote speaks to the inner heart, to the tenderest, perhaps most hidden part of a woman's heart, where that small inner-child still lives and seeks the unfailing, unconditional and life-sustaining love. The love we felt from our mother, the love we perhaps only became fully aware of it's depths upon becoming mothers ourselves. The love we depend on from our sisters when our mothers have left this earth.

Do not leave me, abandon me, forget me. For that secret part of me can only be nurtured, can only be seen when viewed through the loving eyes of someone who has shared a common history, shared laughter, shared tears, joy and sorrow. To borrow the best quote from a popular movie, "I see you."

Who will you see today, with your eyes or in your heart?


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