Friday, January 7, 2011

A Sunbreak!

After what seemed like at least a week of solid rain and dark, dreary days, the sun came out and brightened my day considerably!

I donned my heavy winter coat, wool beret and scarf and headed out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine before it disappeared! I found myself walking along the beach and took a few pictures with my phone.

  I am so blessed to live close to such a beautiful park and shoreline!

I tried to capture the waves crashing but kept missing. This shot shows a wave about to crest before it crashed onto the rocky beach.

 I found a beautiful rock with so many different colors of green in it. I would love to have a kitchen counter top that has so many different shades and patterns!

 The barnacles inside this clam shell were bubbling in the little bit of water left inside the shell after it was left by the receding tide.

My view as I headed home.

The wind was blowing hard and fiercely cold but I enjoyed the power of it as I watched the whitecaps crashing on the rocky beach. I watched the wind and the waves battle the pull of the outgoing tide, leaving the rocks to sparkle and reflect the sharp winter light.

This was an hour well spent!

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