Monday, April 14, 2008

How To Dress For Spring Gardening

Start first with 55 SPF suncreen for face and ears, neck and hands (actually, that ‘s my year-round routine), then a lightweight cotton turtleneck, top with dual layer wool long-johns, both top AND bottoms, sweatpants and top it all off with a thermal weave sweatshirt on top. Head out to garden after donning thick sox and waterproof gardening clogs, lightweight gloves for hand protection and good grip. Now, your are all set for spring gardening in the Pacific Northwet--I mean Northwest. Don’t forget wide brimmed gardening hat--works for rain or sunshine!

Last week Bellingham was all excited…woo-hoo! It got all the way up to 50 on the thermometer! And the forecast for Saturday was projected to get into the 60’s!! Everyone was making plans for being outside. I was kinda bummed as I already had plans to be gone this weekend and wouldn’t be spending it gardening. I went from 50 to 85 degree weather after only a 5 ½ hour drive south! Saturday afternoon, I sat in Sister M’s garden and enjoyed the very warm sun on my back for an hour while we caught up with each other’s news.

Sunday afternoon, Sister A introduced me to a wonderful nursery called Al’s Garden Center in Sherwood, Oregon. Gardening Heaven! What a glorious place! I think I could move right in and be at home! Had to cut my time in paradise short--2 hours, as I was looking at another long drive home. But we did pick up some wonderfully healthy annual starts for our fragrant window boxes. Didn’t get everything for planting yet, but got a good start at it.

Saw actual sunshine between showers today, maybe we've turned a corner on the weather. Could we have seen our last frost this year?

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