Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Calendar says it's Spring...

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that the calendar is showing Spring. What's with all the snow?

Last Saturday was supposed to be Opening Day for Gardening! It was the day for different local garden clubs' plant sales and the annual fushia planting event at our local Fred Meyer. Peeking out the window early that morning showed snow coming down heavily. Even tho' it wasn't sticking, the wind was blowing and I thought, "Nope, not gonna do it!" And went back to bed! All afternoon it was snowing, raining, sleeting and the sky was the color of a December late-afternoon. Sunday it was mostly sunny but COLD! Our poor hummingbirds, they been back for almost a month now and it isn't getting much warmer out! Is this global warming!?!

Having a couple of hours of daylight after work is really nice! I am itching to get my window boxes planted with showy annuals and to get my hand in the dirt! Unfortunately, we've had a hard frost every night this week! I'm still scraping the car windows every morning! Hopefully, winter will loosen her grip soon--it actually hit 50 degrees out this afternoon!

A quick tour of the yard shows tiny little buds on my pink dogwood tree and lilac bushes; new growth and buds on the clematis vines; the butterfly bush is greening up and my peonies are a couple of inches tall! Yesterday, I spotted a DANDELION IN BLOOM! Never thought I'd get excited about that! lol!

It is now dusk and I am enjoying peeking at the hummingbirds tanking up for the night. I have a feeder on the front porch until I get my hanging baskets. On the backyard side of the house, I have one at the kitchen window and one at my bedroom window. As soon as it warms up a little I'll be able to leave the window open a crack and awaken every morning to their buzzing and honking squeeks! I tried to snap a photo to post but they are very quick and adept at landing on the opposite side of the feeder.

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