Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ha! Tongue-in-cheek Birthday Wishes aka Pie In The Sky Dreams

A photo of a recent desktop sticky note conversation:
Brent responds, "You know I can't deny you anything! Act surprized when you open it, k?"

If you can't read the link, here's another photo of where it leads:

If only it were a princess cut. *sigh*  I'd have to take him up on this!

Boy, I can think of alot of other things I could do with a million dollars before I'd wear it on one finger!


  1. Wow, even the picture made my breath do a quick intake!
    But I am with you...there's a lot I'd like to do first with $1 million. Besides, sure as the sun shines (somewhere), as soon as I spent that much the world would come to an end about 15 minutes after putting it on my finger, just to teach me a lesson (darn Aztecs).

  2. Looking at this again, I guess this piece of cold fire wouldn't be covered under Costco's guarantee that each piece will appraise out for twice what you paid for it. I guess pieces like this would bring out the "get-rich-quick" schemers.