Friday, August 5, 2011

Dad's Workshop

Exciting news at Dad's place across the street. We are making huge steps towards Dad's new workshop.

Foundation frame set and level

Fill dirt for foundation form with enough leftover to grade surrounding soil away from building

A tidy delivery!

After shoveling and compacting the area within the frame.
We are ready for the big day!
Here it comes!
At the start of the pour...

The Dads provide supervision.

Looking pretty good!

Brent directs the flow

All hands on deck!

Almost there...

"Hmmm, we seem to be a bit short of concrete."
 Driver scrapes out every last cement cover nugget.
"Who has a Plan B?"

"Hey, what if..."

Some quick thinking and "This might work"

With several concrete stepping stones buried in the center of the pour, it looks like we might have enough!
 After several more passes with the skree and some smoothing around the edges, the job will be complete.
"Here's to a job well done!"


  1. Very cool...looks like everyone's getting their projects underway this summer!

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