Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Change of the Seasons is upon us...Autumn

I know our summer has come to an end as the days dawn shrouded in fog, and if not fog, then a heavy covering of dew. I love looking off into the fields, driving towards the freeway as the sun comes up over the mountains and seeing dew-laden spiderwebs decorating the tall grass. I enjoy all the colors as the trees begin to turn, especially in the small pass just south of town where all the shades of evergreen are now patchworked with yellow, orange, red and brown .

Now as late afternoon approaches and darkness falls, the rising ground mist swirls around us as we drive through them. I read once those spooky patches of low fog are called 'haints' or 'haunts' and you are supposed to hold your breath while traveling through them to prevent your soul from being snatched away. Seems appropriate as we ease closer to All Hallow's Eve.

This is the best time of year for apples, so many choices. My hands down favorite is Jonagold, they don't store well, so I have to feast while they are fresh picked. Loving Husband has taken a liking to the new Honey Crisp. Of course, Granny Smiths dipped in caramel is always a favorite dessert!

Autumn is the time to hunt for the perfect giant pumpkin to decorate the front porch, time to plant frilly edged purple cabbage and fall pansies. Time to put the garden to bed and turn indoors for weekend activities. I had hoped for a long Indian Summer, time to enjoy the lingering late flowers , time to enjoy warm afternoons and crisp evenings. However after the storms we had all week, I don't think that wish will be granted.

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