Sunday, July 7, 2013

There be zucchini here!

I am so tickled to report that my 2 green zucchini plants are blossoming and starting to bear fruit!

And the spaghetti squash plant has exploded in growth! It has three stems taking off in all directions, running over the lettuce and crowding the tomatoes!

Each branch has lots of little blooms turning into squash!

And we harvested out first Goldy yellow zucchini!  With lots more to come!

Seeing food, that you've grown from little starts and even tinier seeds is very satisfying. Can't wait till my 'maters start coming in!


  1. Karen, you have SUCH a green thumb and an artist's eye. Love your beautiful blog entries. So glad you got to see a fairy the other day. Must be your reward for creating such beauty and bounty.

    1. Thank you, Lei Momi!

      I have been blessed this summer with a wonderfully warm and sunny growing season.

      It was a magical moment to see a faerie in flight, dancing with the hummingbirds in the last few minutes of a colorful sunset.