Monday, June 3, 2013

All Creaures Great and Small

Let me start off by saying that I do not like spiders in my home.

Indoors, we are mortal enemies.

Outdoors, I live and let live. I figure they have a role in a balanced eco system. In fact, if someone could prove to me that spiders eat slugs, we'd be BBFs!

I found one of the more interesting spiders yesterday while pulling grass runners out of the pea gravel in front of the garden shed.

The focus on this picture isn't very good, but you can see the white sphere held under her abdomen with her hind legs. You could say, that sphere is her whole world.

One time Brent and I were working in the yard and one of these spiders got jostled and she dropped her egg sack. She was frantic! She ran in ever widening circles till she relocated it, tucked it back under her abdomen and off she scurried in search if a better hidey hole.

I always seem to find them under pots, bricks or in my planters after they have wintered along side of the house, under shelter of the eaves. Dirt spiders, I guess. A search of the Internet identifies this as a Wolf spider. I have often joked that they get big enough for saddles!

Points for being a dedicated mother. And as long as she and her off-spring stay outside, we will peacefully co-exist!


  1. shiverrrrrrrrr We are of the same mind. I have always tried to transport spiders to the outside if possible. What a big one you have there!

  2. Wolf spiders are huge!! *shudder*

    We find many spiders living under the edge of our pool and they come a running out when we are taking the pool down at the end of summer. They scare me to pieces!