Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Magic of Clouds

There is something very magical about flying through clouds.

These photo were snapped during the second leg of my trip home from Huntsville, Alabama, aloft between Dallas Fortworth and SeaTac.

These photos don't do the real thing justice. As I looked out the window at the clouds, they were so multi-dimensional that it looked as if I could just step off the wing onto a fluffy bed and bounce my way from cloud to cloud!

What I found most interesting is how the different layers of clouds move independently of each other. While watching a slow moving, solid, very white curvaceous cloud formation, a wispy layer of clouds would zip by above or below it.

I found it quite entrancing and very peaceful. A nice escape from the reality of a cramped economy seat on a full flight.

This woud be a true joy of traveling by air.

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