Thursday, May 6, 2010

Real Women drive trucks!

This is the picture text I sent my daughters on Monday afternoon:

Real women can drive their own trucks to get garden soil, mulch, and haul the trailer to the dump! I bought myself a truck today! I hear 1988 is a good year. (The year DaugherA was born!)

 It's kinda silly how exited I am to have the means to pull my trailer again! Its been a few years since we got rid of the 'man van' and our only trailer-hitch vehicle.

Wednesday, I took my truck to Walmart to make it's first haul: A pink dogwood tree (Cornus Florida-Cherokee Chief), 2 5-gallon Spirea (Snowmound), 2 1-gallon Spirea (Snowmound), and 6 12x12x2 cement pads for the backyard fireplace.

I went to Walmart because I had seen that they had Dwarf Alberta Spruce in a one gallon pot for $7. However, on closer examination the spruce were not in good shape, they had been badly pruned and had many a bald spots.  But I did see some plants that were very heatlthy looking. The Spirea was healthly looking, not pot bound, and full of buds. I got the large ones to go into the new raised beds in front of the propane tank in the back yard. They will have small white flowers and striking red foliage in the fall. I was thinking I'd put the smaller ones in the raised beds along the deck but realizing they will grow into 4'x4' mounds, they will be too big for the space. Maybe I'll add them to the planting beds in front of the picket fence in the front yard.

I couldn't resist the Pink Dogwood. My favorite tree! I have on that is front and center in the picket fence bed, but it's a variety that leafs out, the blossoms start out as green and don't turn their rosey red color until mid June. This new tree is in flower with very few leaves yet. It will be front and center in the new bed!

Pictures of the new raised beds will follow soon, as soon as I have them planted with all my plants and flowers.



  1. oh manvan, how i miss you, and your cloud of oil following us all the way from montana

  2. I did a double take at your photo! I thought it was a picture of me!