Saturday, October 17, 2009

How this Autumn is, in a way, also a Spring for me

As I sit on my comfy new couch looking out at the front yard I see the beautiful golden colors of the cottonwood trees in the woods behind the houses across the street. The clouds are sinking to enclose us. Only the trees closest to me can be seen all the way to the tops. The ones in the background are shrouded in mist and look like water-color paintings. The continuing rain has added a glossiness to the plants in the yard. I can honestly say I have never noticed before that my little pink dogwood tree has beautiful red fall foliage. I see the little chickadees checking out the birdfeeders and the drooping heads of the sunflower flowers that grew from bird dropped seeds. Although the growing season has wound down, my yard is still alive with life and colors.

With renewed eyes I am learning to appreciate this season, autumn. In the past, it has only been the precursor to my dreaded winter. This year, autumn marks a new beginning for me and those who share my homelife.

I have come to the point with my fibromyalgia pain and it's ever-present fatigue, that I need to increase/change pain management medication or try a drastic change in lifestyle in hopes of staving off more meds and the accompanying side effects. So, after many tears, prayers and long talks with my DearHusband, we have decided that it is time for me to retire.

I have one week left to wrap up an almost nine year career and will be returning to the 'career' that has always been first in my heart: fulltime wife and mother.

I am excited about the prospect of having time to devote to getting healthy and regaining some strength and stamina. I am really excited about the prospect of having energy to return to my love of heirloom sewing and needlework! I am even looking forward to the challenge of re-learning how to live on one income and keeping a frugal household budget.

I have to think this is going to be a marker in the timeline of my life. There was childhood and pre-marriage, marriage pre-children, the years of raising our family, and now, a new chapter. One I hope to share with a return to blogging and sharing with friends and family.


  1. Have you been tested for Lyme disease? It sounds like you might be in an area with ticks - many people with lyme are misdiagnosed with fibro...

  2. Hi Katherine,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leavinga a comment. How did you find my blog?
    To answer your question. No, we are not in an area for ticks-too cold, I think.
    My doctor was very thorough before he came to this diagnosis. One day they drew 28 little vials of blood out of my arm for different test (being sent to different labs). He was determined to rule everything else out before settling on fibromyalgia, as both my (late) Mama and her sister have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and he did not want to just fall on a convenient excuse of a diagnosis. Oddly enough we all live in different parts of the country and have all been diagnosed by different doctors at different times in our lifelines.
    Thanks again for visiting.

  3. I look forward to learning more about how you've adjusted to the change of retirement and what strategies you use to live off one income (I always need tips!) and would love to see some of your projects.