Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What's on my desktop?

These are the people I loved first in life.


  1. Karen,

    You have always been greatly loved..and were my very first "Baby". Who are those two young sweethearts?


  2. Can you believe how young and sweet Daddy looks!?!
    Mama is glam-gorgeous! Wow! What a figure! No wonder he was smitten!

    I've noticed, Mumum is in her nursing uniform. I recognize the way she's holding your arm, she used to hold mine like that, too.

    Although the glasses look familiar, I only remember Papa's hair as white.

    You don't think you look at all like your Mama, but in this picture, your face is a mirror image of hers. Same arch of the eyebrow, her right, your left. Mouth and high cheekbones, same.
    You must have been 6 in this photo? Elbow height. I remember being elbow height, temples seemed to be magnet for pointy elbows! :-)