Friday, October 5, 2012

Morning in Paradise, Day Four

The night is never still, nature awakens with the symphany of the night. Crickets' song plays a buzzing background to the more prominent voices of coqui frogs. First mistaken for calling night birds, I still find it sounds a lullaby to sooth me to sleep.

As dawn approaches, doves coo-coo, a bubbling chorus begins quietly to call down the light and the ko-ki, ko-kiki song of the tiny coqui frogs become the distant background performers.

Now the light is strong enough to cast shadows and a brightness rises up over the trees I see in the east, shining bright highlights to the edges of the palm fronds which barely sway, the trade winds continue to absent the air. Color in the landscape brightens. the high up orange blooms of the parrot flower tree are first to be bathed in light. The red blooms of the hibiscus, the magenta of the bougenvilla and even the white of the impatients intensify and draw my eye deeper into the landscape. The lighter green edges of the norfolk pines branches seem to glow and add to the beauty of this perfectly symmetrical and orderly tree.

Then I become aware that the soft staccato beat rises from the distance as a passing cloud releases it's own rhythm to the song of this paradise, a short rain shower commences and just as rapidly as it started, it is finished.

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