Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

For the first 24 years of my life, this day was solely dedicated to my Mama and thanking her for all that she had done for me throughout my life.

I remember the 'secret' projects done at school for Mother's Day surprises. In fact, while recently going through the family home (while packing Daddy up for a move into the house across the street from me), I found the napkin holder I  made while in Bluebirds. It was a five pound coffee can covered in crinkled foil, with an unrolled yellow nylon dish scrubbie stretched over it and had a very bedraggled blue plastic flower attached to the front.

Forty years later, it was still in the cupboard. It had no room inside it for napkins now, being full of memories!

Mama: Geraldine Roxanna Fowles Clark Wallis, Nana: Malinda Pearl Bush Fowles (holding me), and Mumum: Theda Geraldine Fowles Clark

For the next 22 years, we shared the day, our bond all that much stronger since I had joined the ranks of motherhood and had a truer knowledge of the depth of her love for me.

Today, after saying a prayer to thank God for the years I had my Mama's presence in my life, I will rejoice in the fact that God has blessed me with three children to love. Loved them as they formed within me, loved them as we raised them through all the heart-melting toothless grins, the temper tantrums, skinned knees, fevers, and teenage angst-filled years.

Now, with pride, I step back and see them as adults, and love them even more!
November 2010

I want to wish my sisters, Janet, 'Reen, 'Manda, Georgia and Alyson a wonderful and very Happy Mother's Day!

As well, I'd like to send a special hug and kiss to the mother who raised the wonderful man I married! You did a good job, Mom! And I love you, thanks for being there, these past 30 years!


  1. Happy Mother's Day Mama!! I love you!!!

  2. What a wonderful, thoughtful and beautiful commemoration to our Momma. You put a smile on my face (again) as I read...and I LOVE the pictures! I now have to remember to get digital copies of these from you. ;0)
    LOVE you to pieces. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!