Wednesday, March 31, 2010

♪♫•*¨*•.A sewing we will go, a sewing we will go, hi ho the dairy-o, a sewing we will go ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸

This morning at the crack of dawn (that'd be 6am for us ol' retired folks) I placed the call to register for the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion in Huntsville, Alabama from Monday, July 19th to Sunday, July 25th. I am so excited I can hardly sit still enough to type!

It was a hard to decide on which of the 11 schools to attend, but I finally decided to take the Louise Cutting Fashion School Thursday through Sunday. I will also be taking her 3 pre-day classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have tried to find pictures on the internet of the patterns we will be using in each of the classes. Here's my best bet:

Monday from 8:30a-4:30p, I will be taking the Tabard class. This is the description from the school brochure:

The tabard originated as a humble peasant’s garment before the Middle Ages when heraldic emblazons elevated it to noble status. Today, this short coat is worn open or belted, sleeveless or short sleeved. Louise Cutting has designed a tabard for you that is loose fitting, off the shoulder, and sleeveless. This vest style coat features a bulk-free, easy cut-on front with side and hem facings. The straight hem utilizes Louise's easy mitered corners and her "X" stitched boxes to create deep, comfortable side vents. This stylish garment in linen will add polish to a pants and top outfit. The pattern will be available in sizes XS through 3XL and, with Louise and Sandy’s assistance, any needed alterations will be an easy adjustment. You will have an assortment of kits to choose from that include several different colors and patterns, so your personal style will be reflected in the finished project.

Tuesday, this will be my class:

The “Nine Lives Vest” is from the “Shapes” pattern line by Louise Cutting and can easily be worn as a top rather than a vest. Create an asymmetrical linen vest with differing shoulder seam lengths, stand-up collar and diagonal hem. This easy and versatile button front vest/top looks great with or without a blouse or t-shirt underneath. The pattern is available in sizes XS through 2XL, but with the help of Louise and Sandy, alterations can be made for additional sizes. The vest will be made of a linen blend fabric and students will be given a choice of kit colors in class.

Wednesday will be the Anything But Ordinary Top. I haven't been able to figure out which one of her patterns will be used for this class, but again, here's the description from the school brochure:
Ordinary becomes extraordinary in this cropped, pull-over style top (all sizes) with a buttoned tab closing on the left shoulder. Its sleeves are short with slightly dropped shoulders. Mitered corner side seam vents at the top’s hem show beautifully in linen. You’ll be able to complete this top quickly and have an extraordinary complement to so many of your outfits.

On Thursday, the official school starts and we begin with a 2 day class on the High Five Jacket:

This jacket is fast and fun to make! After working with Louise and Sandy to determine your perfect size and any needed pattern alterations, you will be ready to create the High Five Jacket. Choose from an assortment of colors and prints in linen, linen blend or tencel fabrics. While making this stunning swing style jacket, you will learn techniques for perfect precision hems, mitered corners and three-quarter length sleeves. Add a fabulous button, and take home a great finished jacket, an altered just-for-you pattern to use over and over, and lots of construction and fitting knowledge, ready to use with all your future garment sewing projects. Patterns will be available in adult sizes 6-20. Louise and Sandy will work with you to find your smaller, larger or in-between pattern size.

On Saturday and Sunday, I will be attending the One Seam Pants class:
Nearly every designer’s offerings include a pair of one-seam pants that make everything else in the collection look great. You’ll learn to achieve a fabulous, flattering fit by applying the secrets Louise has uncovered in her extensive study of designer garments. Louise and Sandy will teach you to use the chart included in the pattern instructions, measure and make pattern alterations, and then construct a great pair of one-seam pants with a custom fit. You will choose from a selection of colors in linen, tencel or linen blend fabrics. This pattern offers the option of a pant leg that falls straight from the hip or a narrower leg and snugger fit. Join Louise for two fun-filled days of creating your first pair of perfect-fit one-seam pants, and take home the knowledge and skills to supplement your wardrobe by using this pattern over and over. Patterns will be available in adult sizes 6-20. Louise and Sandy will work with you to find your smaller, larger or in-between patter size.

I have actually had the pattern for the One Seam Pants (a title she has trademarked, by the way) for about 4 years now but haven't tried to make it because she mentioned in her 45 minute Sewing Expo class that I've taken twice (two years apart) that you cannot make a muslin for this pattern and expect it to come out anything like it would when you use a fashion fabric because of the drape issue with muslin fabrics. I've been thinking about using something cheap from Walmart's $1.50 yard bin but have never found anthing suitable. Plus I'm not sure about a choice of fashion fabric for this project either. Now my problem is solved! The class will provide me with a selection of fabrics to chose from!

I am most excited about this school as I will get to work with the pattern designer/drafter for a personalized fitting! It's so hard to fit a pattern to yourself without any help! (Again, I miss my Mama)

Tomorrow, I will post about the evening classes I will be taking for my heirloom sewing for babies interest!

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  1. That is so great that you have such a passion for sewing! It is wonderful to be able to look forward to taking the classes. Sewing is a skill I don't have...I have trouble even sewing on a button, so I admire you for your talent!
    Lindsey Petersen