Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Magic of a Full Moon

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, crisp and clear. The high wispy clouds moved in during the afternoon and it seemed most cloudy. I'd heard they are predicting snow Monday night and judging from the snap in the air, they might be right.

Last night DearHusband and I enjoyed our hot tub for the first time in months. After dashing to the hot tub in the cold crisp air and getting settled in and relaxing, I glanced up and the full moon was spectacular. I've seen pictures of the moon ringed by clouds but had never before seen it live and in person, so to speak. Bright enough to read by, in sharp focus, a large circle of clear sky ringed by cloudy sky. It looked like the moon had burned a perfect circle of clear sky edged in clouds. A lunar corona.

The neighborhood was quiet, and kids were away, the moon was bright and we were cocooned in steam. We always ask ourselves, why did we go so long without using our spa?

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