Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dining vs Eating

Okay, I have to confess it's been another busy and hectic spring. All workday long, I look forward to getting outside as soon as errands and sports are done, to putter with my plants till it's time to call it a day, and take a walk around the block to enjoy the last of the sunset.

Housekeeping had fallen to the bottom of my priority list. That has been remedied. With DaughterA cracking the whip last weekend, we conquered the clutter in the living room and dining room, giving those rooms a deep and thorough spring cleaning. We sorted through all that had collected on the dining room table, put away the scanner and laptops, filing and assorted piles of books and have actually enjoyed dinner at the table this week!

I am embarrassed to admit but it has been an unusual occurance in this house lately. One that has, appparantly, not gone unnoticed.

Thursday evening, as we were dining at the table again, SonMySon asked if we have to eat Friday dinner at the table, too? I remarked why not? that's actually what it's supposed to be used for.

In the best School of Overacting method ala William Shatner doing dramatic scene as Capt William T Kirk, SonMySon says,

"Dinner. at table. again. . (pause for dramatic sigh). . Butt. .Craves. .Couch." and falls limply aside his plate, reaching out towards the living room.

Ah, humor, gotta love it.

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