Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Can You Remember....?"

I was prompted to think about the first meal I cooked as a new bride by a website that I visit almost everyday, {edited to remove link and website and personal info per other blogwriter} comments on her daily life are qu herite often very funny and I enjoy the peek into everyday life of a busy family of 5 in the Midwest. My youngest child is the same age as her oldest and I enjoy her comments on their life as a prompt to remembering the happenings in my own life at that time. I also enjoy the regional contrasts to our way of life in the Pacific Northwest.
Engagement Portrait
24 years ago this month

I have been wracking my brain for a couple of days now, and I cannot remember the first meal I cooked as a new bride. I do remember, however, what we ate most! Turkey legs! I could get them (frozen) for $.29 Lb and cooked them in my pressure cooker with seasoning salt, onion, celery and sometimes carrots for the flavor. After deboning the meat, I served it in a variety of ways. The favorite way of my young bridegroom was in gravy over mashed potatoes. Sometimes we add a couple slices of bread and call it a Hot Turkey Sandwich.

Any one remember the old commercial where the husband sitting at the table would look at the bowl of mashed potatoes his wife was about to serve him from when he would remark, “Oh! Potatoes! How are you serving them tonight, Dear?” The next sound you heard was a resounding PLOP and cut to the product they were advertising. Not that I remember what it was, other than an change of pace from potatoes.

“How’d you fix them tonight, Dear?” became the running joke in our house.

Ah, the memories. Funny how I can still see my first pantry in our first apartment so clearly in my mind, all those years ago! Twenty fours years ago next month…how can it be that long ago? Isn’t it an oddity, to have it seem so very long ago in life and yet be so amazed at how quickly the time has gone?

Our first home on Rucker Avenue in Everett.

The livingroom as viewed from the front door.

The only bedroom,
as viewed from the hallway
coming off of kitchen.

The bedroom from beside the bed,
doorway to the right of dresser.

The tiny bathroom, at end of short hallway off of kitchen.

I apparently didn't take a picture of the diningroom. It was quite roomy as all we had in it was a circa 1950's dinette table, chrome edges and legs, formica top and 4 mis-matched chairs.

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